Digitalization of Learning in Practice Placement

The 4D project aims at addressing this gap by building individualized and customized mobile application (app) for students, tutors, supervisors, teacher of each participant organization through practice-based reflective learning, mobile technology, and technology adoption.

European Partnership

4D is a partnership of six european institutions in the framework of Erasmus+ Program


Building 4D

The project

The project takes place from November 2021 to November 2024. It is structured in five work packages led by different project partners. Collaborative work between the different partners is a key aspect of the project.


WP1. Project Management

Project governance, monitoring deliverables and defining the scientific dissemination strategy.

WP2. Determinants

Determine the key factors to introduce a mobile technology and the diffusion of innovation

WP3. Design & Digitalization

Co-design the adoption of a mobile technology in practice placement and design a platform.

WP4. Implementation & Evaluation

Implementation of the platform in a practice placement and evaluation of the results.

WP5. Dissemination & Exploitation

Promotion and dissemination of the activities and results.

Latest news

Scoping review paper

The WP2 Leaders, the Medical University of Lublin and Germand Trias i Pujol Institute, have successfully compiled the initial draft of a scoping review paper. The relevant document has been shared within the project consortium in order to give feedback. A manuscript,...

The pilot study has started

The WP4 Leader and the supportive teams, has been working before and after winter holidays on the pilot study implementation. TecnoCampus has been progressing quite good, running some activities such : Training progress: successfully conducted two training sessions...

Exciting News: Launch of the 4D Project’s Third Report

The next milestone in the 4D Project journey has arrived with the launch of our eagerly awaited third report - Results. Our dedicated team from Work Package 3, composed of experts from Kubify, Graz University of Technology, the University of Twente, and TecnoCampus...

Starting the pilot study development

The partners have co-designed an approach that uses Kubify's learning toolbox (LTB) to share onboarding material & reflective feedback guidance with students & placement mentors. The solution also uses a Learning Goals Widget developed by Graz Technical...

5th Transnational Meeting in Essen, Germany

On the 27th and 28th of September, the city of Essen, Germany, hosted the 5th Transnational Meeting of the 4D Project. This pivotal gathering took place in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Representatives from the different institutions...

4th Transnational Project Meeting

The transational project meetings (TPM) will be held during the project cycle as the common space in which all project participants will meet, cooperate and share best practices from partners towards the project objectives. For this commitment, on 16th and 17th of...

Presentation of the first results at the Multiplier Event in Poland

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lublin (Poland) hosted on March 15 the I International Conference "Multiplier Event" within the framework of the project "4D  in the Digitalisation of Learning in Practice Placement" to present the first findings of the...

Save the date: 1st Multiplier Event

Presentation of the “Determinants to introduce Mobile Technology in practice placement” report. The objective of this multiplier event is to present the main results of the “Determinants to introduce Mobile Technology in practice placement” report. For this reason, we...

Six focus groups were conducted to analyse the barriers, facilitators and needs to introduce mobile technology into practice placement

In the context of the Work Package 2, Developing and orchestrating the bases of the knowledge framework of the 4D project six focus groups were conducted to analyse the barriers, facilitators and needs to introduce mobile technology into practice placement. The focus...

3rd Transnational Meeting for the co-creation and co-design of a mobile application in clinical practice placements for students in the healthcare field

The 4D project team were reunited on September 19th and 20th at the facilities of the innovation research center Know-Center of the Graz Technology University in Austria. The 4D project aims to introduce mobile technology into clinical practices, creating a bridge...


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