Digitalization of Learning in Practice Placement

The 4D project aims at addressing this gap by building individualized and customized mobile application (app) for students, tutors, supervisors, teacher of each participant organization through practice-based reflective learning, mobile technology, and technology adoption.

European Partnership

4D is a partnership of six european institutions in the framework of Erasmus+ Program


Building 4D

The project

The project takes place from November 2021 to November 2024. It is structured in five work packages led by different project partners. Collaborative work between the different partners is a key aspect of the project.


WP1. Project Management

Project governance, monitoring deliverables and defining the scientific dissemination strategy.

WP2. Determinants

Determine the key factors to introduce a mobile technology and the diffusion of innovation

WP3. Design & Digitalization

Co-design the adoption of a mobile technology in practice placement and design a platform.

WP4. Implementation & Evaluation

Implementation of the platform in a practice placement and evaluation of the results.

Latest news

3rd Transnational Working Meeting for the co-creation and co-design of a mobile application in clinical practice placements for students in the healthcare field

On September 19th and 20th, the researchers of the GRACIS group (Dra. Esther Cabrera, Dr. Carlos Martínez, Mr. Carles Garcia and Mrs. Carol Gallardo) from the Health Sciences School of TecnoCampus were reunited to participate in the 3rd transnational meeting of the 4D...

4D Project Innovation Canvas Workshop (4DIC)

The Digitalisation in learning practice placement project is glad to announce the 1st Innovation Canvas Workshop led by the task leaders (WP3) who organized the online meeting on the 9 June and lasted for 2 hours. The aim of this workshop was to support and create...


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