The WP4 Leader and the supportive teams, has been working before and after winter holidays on the pilot study implementation.

TecnoCampus has been progressing quite good, running some activities such :

  1. Training progress: successfully conducted two training sessions for the Learning Tool Box: (1) On January 8th, trained students and (2) On January 15th, the training was extended to the clinical nurses. Both sessions were highly productive and effectively aligned with the primary objective of implementing mobile technology in practical healthcare settings.
  2. Pre- and Post-questionnaires: On January 8th, administered the pre-questionnaire to the students. At that moment, we have results available. Post-questionnaires will be conducted with students once the practice period concludes (after March 8th, 2024).
  3. Semi-structured interviews: TecnoCampus and IGTP Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol have scheduled a meeting  to plan the process and organization of the semi-structured interviews (3-4 clinical tutors and 8-10 students).
  4. Initial usage analysis: conducted an initial analysis of the Learning Tool Box usage during the coming weeks.

The University of Duisburg-Essen and the Medical University of Lublin, there being in the process to obtain the ethical committee approval from their institutions.