📢 Exciting News Alert!  A scoping review paper has been submitted by the work package 2 leaders, the Medical University of Lublin (MUL, Poland) and the Institute German Trias i Pujol (IGTP, Spain).The relevant document has been shared within the project consortium in order to give feedback. A manuscript, a data chart and PRISMA diagram were the documents to revise.

📚 Our team is thrilled to announce the submission of a scoping review paper, marking a pivotal moment in our commitment to understanding and exploring the digitalisation of learning in practice placements.

🔍 What exactly is a scoping review, you may ask? Think of it as a comprehensive mapping exercise, where we delve into the vast landscape of existing literature to identify key concepts, gaps, and trends within our field. It’s not just about summarizing what’s out there; it’s about charting a course for future research and practice.

💡 By undertaking this scoping review, we aim to provide a panoramic view of the current state of knowledge in the digitalisation of learning in practice placements. This paper represents months of meticulous work, combing through an extensive array of sources, synthesizing insights, and distilling patterns.

🌟 But why is this important, you might wonder? Well, for starters, it helps to navigate the complex terrain of the digitalisation of learning in practice placements. Guiding our efforts towards areas where further investigation is warranted. Whether it’s identifying overlooked themes, pinpointing methodological gaps, or highlighting consensus points, this scoping review serves as a compass for future research endeavors.

🔬 So, what can you expect from our paper? A comprehensive overview of the literature landscape, including key themes, methodologies employed, and notable findings. We’ll also offer reflections on the implications of our findings, best practices and recommendations.

📝 While the journey to this milestone has been rigorous, it’s also been incredibly rewarding. We’re grateful for the support of our colleagues, and peers who have guided us along the way. And as we await feedback on our submission, we’re already gearing up for the next phase of our research journey, armed with fresh insights and renewed determination.

🌱 Stay tuned for updates as we continue to delve deeper into the fascinating world of the digitalisation of learning in practice placements.

Together, let’s push the boundaries of knowledge and embark on a journey of discovery that promises to shape the future of the digitalisation of learning in practice placements.

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