🌟 The 4D Project Coordinators – TecnoCampus Mataró, will be presenting our groundbreaking project at the upcoming International Congress of the European Federation of Nurse Educators (FINE)!

🚀 The University of Catalonia (UIC Barcelona) hosted the annual international congress in collaboration with the University’s Nursing Department, focused on the challenges and opportunities of nursing education. The meeting has offered a space to plan the future of nursing education in Europe from the perspective of sustainability.

🔍 Our project presentation isn’t just about highlighting our achievements; it’s an opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with other local and international stakeholders, exchange ideas, and forge connections that transcend boundaries.

🌱 This year, the congress focuses on the contribution of nursing education and nurse educators to the development of a future-ready nursing workforce that learns from the past and embraces the possibilities of the future. On March 21 and 22, at Campus Sant Cugat hold the new edition of the FINE international congress with thw theme: “Nursing Education for a Sustainable Future: Challenges and Opportunities”.

💡 Over two days, educators, students and clinicians from different countries of the European Union have shared their experiences and discuss the future of nursing education in Europe. In this regard, Dr. Prof Carlos Martínez, Coordinator and Principal Researcher of the 4D project in TecnoCampus, delivered an exceptional presentation introducing the project to different nursing and digital health committees.






For further information about the FINE Congress, see the events page FINE 2024 – Challenges and Opportunities 

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