COMMUNICATION among partners is crucial to exchange information and update knowledge on what is going on in the different work packages, ensuring a smooth communication between the project coordinator and partners enhancing and optimise external communication and dissemination.

Regular meetings are foreseen through videocalls in order to talk about achievements, upcoming activities, report deadlines, and issues arising within the different work packages. Also will bear the main research advances during transnational meetings.

The partners are directly involved in communication activities in view of their role in the project, all partners are requested to participate in communication and dissemination activities, namely:

  • Outreach activities and disseminating their results to their respective networks and university sites, on social media and through news on the 4D project website.
  • Contributing on newspaper articles, posts, interviews.
  • Informing other partners related initiatives and events they could participate in.
  • Keeping track of the activities by filling in a dedicated reporting table available in the project share repository platform.
  • Disseminating results and publications in open access.
  • The involvement of all partners in the communication and dissemination activities will ensure the project to be more widely promoted, to reach a wider audience and ultimately, to have a wider impact.




PARTNER UNIVERSITY                                                  DATE OF PUBLICATION          

    Tecnocampus 04/04/2022 Link
    University of Lublin 04/04/2022 Link
    Tecnocampus 05/04/2022 Link
    Tecnocampus 05/04/2022 Link
    Tecnocampus 05/04/2022 Link
    Tecnocampus 06/04/2022 Link
    IGTP 20/04/2022 Link
    IGTP 21/04/2022 Link
    IGTP 21/04/2022 Link
    University of Duisburg-Essen 19/05/2022 Link  
    University of Duisburg-Essen 19/05/2022 Link
    University of Duisburg-Essen 19/05/2022 Link
    University of Lublin 27/05/2022 Link
    Tecnocampus 20/06/2022 Link
    University of Lublin 30/07/2022 Link
    University of Duisburg-Essen 23/08/2022 Link
    Tecnocampus 19/09/2022 Link
    University of Lublin 03/10/2022 Link
    University of Duisburg-Essen 09/02/2023 Link
    University of Lublin 03/2/2023 Link 
    University of Lublin 06/2/2023 Link 
    University of Lublin 15/2/2023 Link 
    University of Lublin 20/2/2023 Link 
    University of Lublin 28/2/2023 Link 
    University of Lublin 16/3/2023 Link 
    University of Lublin 25/3/2023 Link 
    Tecnocampus 30/3/2023 Link 
    IGTP 14/6/2023 Link 
    IGTP 14/6/2023 Link 
    IGTP 14/6/2023 Link 
    IGTP 14/6/2023 Link 
    University of Twente 22/6/2023 Link