The 4D Reccommendation Toolkit has been created using the Learning Toolbox (LTB), the Learning Goal Wigdet (LGW) and some others. It shares our insights gained and tools used that helped out to introduce mobile technology in different organisations. It includes the report as a guidance on how to digitalise the students practicum process learning in your University/Institution, design artefacts, presentations, videos and introductory training materials.

The 4D Toolkit, serves as a valuable resource, offering insights and tools cultivated throughout the 4D Project to effectively introduce mobile technology across various scenarios and contexts within higher education in EU countries.

The toolkit is an open-access app, providing access to a wealth of audiovisual resources, including infographics, videos, educational materials, and training resources.

Whether you are a student, healthcare professional, or an interested third party, you can explore these resources conveniently through a web platform or smartphone

The Learning Toolbox

The Learning Toolbox is a software platform that allows people to quickly and easily build their own stacks of interactive and multimedia material and share them with others. LTB is being used in two main contexts: 1-Events and Conferences 2-Education and Training as a tool to support work-based learning (project and portfolio work) and as a way of easily sharing learning resources with others.

The Toolkit contains a code that allows people to make 1 free stack in Learning Toolbox.


How to access to the toolkit?

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What is the learning toolbox?

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What is the learning goal widget?

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