Project deliverables

Expected results at the end of the project

Intellectual Output 1:

Determinants for introducing mobile technology into practice

Medical University of lublin, poland

IGTP, barcelona, spain

Intellectual Output 2:

Design and implement a mobile learning application in practice-based learning




Intellectual Output 3:

Evaluation and good practices in the introduction of technology in job placement


The piloting study is currently on-going and shortly will be analysed.

Mobile App Design

Sept – Dec 2024

The 4D app will be fully operational during the fourth quarter and will be broadcasted to all interested stakeholders.

Project results

During the project, three project outcomes will be produced.

The first will be a combination of two reports:

  1. The ‘Key factors for introducing mobile technology in practice-based learning’. This report includes an overview of the different models and theories in practice-based learning and a determination of the main factors for introducing mobile technology in practice-based learning.

The ‘Recommendations to guarantee the dissemination and introduction of mobile applications in higher education practices’. This report will include an overview of the diffusion and adoption of technological innovation and select the main key factors for introducing mobile applications in practical locations to move the innovation curve to the right side (from innovators and early adopters to early and late majority).

The design, development and testing of mobile applications are the focus of the second result of the project. The design and development of mobile learning applications will use co-design and co-creation methodologies and produce a digital toolbox to assist other interesting parties in the digitalization of practices.

The third outcome of the project will be the testing of mobile applications which will be carried out in a pilot study with participants (students, clinical mentors, academic teachers, and accepted parties) from Poland, Germany and Spain in three different hospitals. The results of the pilot study will be used to improve the design and development of mobile technology in an iterative phase and will allow the project to evaluate good practices and the knowledge base on the digitalization of learning in practice.

Digitalization of learning practice 

How will the results of the 4D project be established and measured?


KPIs and final results:

  • At least 1 scientific article per work package and country between 2022 and 2025.
  • Creation of a database with all project contacts established by collaborating organizations.
  • High participation of partners in forums, scientific conferences, and international seminars to present results.
  • Develop a website and generate content on social media accounts and digital news.
  • Development of e-learning material in open content. A set of mechanisms to promote the practice of learning tools in practices, consolidating the health sector in the area of ​​​​action of the partners.
  • 7 Reports including development actions, organization of multiplier events, training, workshop preparation, list of opportunities and identification of needs.
  • Final results reports and work packages that are established as deliverables must be translated into all partner languages.
  • 1 Final video of the project with the most relevant actions and events of the project.

Impact on e-learning 

Therefore, the impact of the project aims to help European universities interested in introducing mobile applications in practices to design the best mobile application proposals based on the different actors involved (students, clinical and academic tutors, managers, etc.) different contexts (universities and internship centers).

The potential longer-term benefits will be related to improving communication and interaction processes in the digital age, strengthening the bridge between the different actors involved and promoting new forms of cooperation with the use of technology.

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