On the 27th and 28th of September, the city of Essen, Germany, hosted the 5th Transnational Meeting of the 4D Project. This pivotal gathering took place in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Representatives from the different institutions participating in the project attended the meeting (Spain, Germany, Austria, Poland, and the Netherlands).

The core agenda of this two-day meeting revolved around the meticulous evaluation of the initial outcomes of the first pilot of the app. The team was keen to scrutinise and subsequently approve the second batch of results emerging from the project, prominently titled “Toolkit: successful adoption of mobile technology in practice-based learning”. Apart from this, a significant portion of the discussion was devoted to the insights derived from the preliminary tests of the revamped app version. These insightful dialogues and feedback loops ensured that participants left the meeting with a clear roadmap, focused on refining and rolling out the next segment of the app’s pilot phase.

Beyond the structured sessions and detailed deliberations, the assembly also fostered an environment of collaboration and visionary thinking. Attendees capitalised on this unique platform to exchange overarching impressions about the project’s trajectory so far. They enthusiastically shared their perspectives, aspirations, and forward-looking visions for the subsequent phases of the 4D project, ensuring that the collective spirit of innovation and progress remains the project’s guiding light.