The Digitalisation in learning practice placement project is glad to announce the 1st Innovation Canvas Workshop led by the task leaders (WP3) who organized the online meeting on the 9 June and lasted for 2 hours.

The aim of this workshop was to support and create innovative ideas, tools, and technology for practice placement learning. The co-creation between the consortia members is key to the development of the project. The session started with the introduction of the 4D Innovation Canvas (4DIC) giving an overview of the innovation pilots and planning tools. The addressed problems and valued added that has when delivering a digital innovation platform in learning practice placements.

4D UIC Workshop

4D UIC Workshop

The facilitators presented different Canvas models and explained how to use them with some examples. Followed by a very dynamic and interactive tool ( In this tailored session, participants were able to apply in their contexts while thinking about setting up innovation actions, and design methods for the project activities.

The planning to digitalise learning processes in the teaching environment and working practice placement is now commonly used across disciplines as an approach to gaining a deeper and more connected understanding of complex or wicked digitalisation problems. However, little research exists on the use of toolbox design to facilitate healthcare professionals and within higher education universities.

In summarising, to succeed in this project, would be beneficial for all to build a common understanding of central terms, methods, tools, and events.