🌟We are thrilled to announce that our team is organising the 2nd multiplier event of the 4D project in Mataró, at the TecnoCampus Pompeu Fabra University!

πŸ“… Mark your calendars, the 23rd of October 2024 come and join us! Will share insights and innovations that promise to shape the future of the digitalisation of learnning in practice placements in Catalonia and beyond.

πŸ” The 4D project multiplier event, isn’t just about highlighting our achievements; it’s an opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with local stakeholders and international colleagues, exchange ideas, and forge connections that transcend boundaries.

πŸ’‘ So, what can you expect from our session? Prepare to be inspired as we walk through the intricacies of our project. We’ll share the project results, and discuss the digital health implications.

🌟 But the excitement doesn’t stop there! With a diverse conference sessions, and networking opportunities, there’s no shortage of inspiration to be found. Whether you’re seeking fresh perspectives, forging collaborations, or simply soaking in the latest digital health and nursing education trends, this event has it all.

πŸ“ How to join us? Follow along our events page for updates – we’d love to connect with you!

It is mandatory to register online. Click the following link 4D Multiplier Event: Successful adoption of mobile technology in practice-based learningΒ 

πŸš€ Get ready to be inspired, challenged, and energized as we come together to celebrate the power of digital transormation, ed-tech, research and innovation.

See you at TecnoCampus MatarΓ³ – let’s make history together!Β